Happy 2020 to all, and sorry about this rainy winter period we are faced with. Absolutely no fun playing with horses in the rain and cold, but we are a tough group and will work through life’s little issues!! I trust everyone had great Holidays and all are ready to get back to our show schedule. We look forward to seeing y’all at the upcoming shows.


A few housekeeping chores…………..


If you have not yet renewed your GCPHC and STPHC memberships, now is a good time. Please remember that your membership and payment must be received before you are eligible to earn club points. As always, you may mail these in, hand them to a GCPHC director at the show, or to Diane Gage (our show secretary) BEFORE you show.


And, please know that the Wildflower Show in Waco has moved up in March to the 6-8th. This is your first mandatory GCPHC show to qualify for year end awards. The second qualifying show, the GCPHC Fall Classic, has changed dates and venue. This year the show will be held in Waco over the 21-23 August date range.


Following the March Wildflower show you will be able to earn club points at the HLSR over the 17-18 March, then the Zone 4 ZOR in Waco over the 22-25 May, The Fall Classic (mentioned above) and the Margarita Classic in Waco in November.


In addition to getting you membership tidied up, please visit the GCPHC web site and make yourself familiar with the show rules for 2020 as well as the by-laws for the club.


Stay safe, dry and have some fun. We’ll see y’all soon.


Best regards,

Kevin Smith

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